Since releasing their first record “Arise” in December 2012, Southwork has been touring the country consistently. After releasing their “Seasons Passing” EP in the summer of 2013 the band started working on their upcoming album, “Wear Your Heart Out” on a Tascam MS-16 1″ tape machine in a South Philly row home. After 10 weeks of recording and another few tours, the album is set for release 8/12/14 on Writtenhouse Records. Southwork is currently planning their next tour, writing their third album, and drinking too much coffee.

Mike Vivas – Guitar, Lead Vocals
Mike Vogel – Keyboard, Background Vocals
Joe Smith – Bass, Background Vocals
Joe Reno – Drums, Background Vocals
Al Smith – Baritone Saxophone, Background Vocals, Percussion
Tony Trov – Tenor Saxophone, Percussion, Ukelele
Erich Miller – Trumpet, Percussion


“By the end of the set, the boys had built a crowd filling the roofdeck with dancing and all that jazz.”
– Jump Magazine | 4/2/14

“Southwork’s latest EP, Seasons Passing, is a happy-go-lucky effort, complete with light-hearted vocals, playful uke, whimsical whistles, friendly flutes, and an array of horns and harmonies.”
– Charleston City Paper | 2/26/14

“Though the heart of Southwork is anchored in fun and upbeat pop / rock melodies, the addition of glam rock drama and quirky instruments leads to more interesting recordings that reveal new surprises with each listen. ”
– WXPN | 2/9/14

“Every song on the album can stand alone, is instantly head-stuck and crafted artfully, a series of strong pop songs with circus-like, jazz undertones and big band belly.”
– Jump Magazine | 6/5/2013

“A cross between Sgt. Pepper’s band and ‘Jocko Homo’-era Devo.”
– Philadelphia Citypaper | 12/11/12

“They’ve got some serious sunny-day vibes that are much needed on these cold winter afternoons, and we’re into it.”
– Philebrity.com | 12/10/12

“Southwork comes as something of a throwback to ’70s rock / ska pioneers with an anthemic vibe that’s hard to ignore.”
– WXPN | 11/27/12

“Tracks on the album, which each hold strong as individuals, find a way to bleed together in the proper way that’s often missed in the digital download, one-track mind world. It’s an album that’s best heard through and through or you will miss the nuances, the subtle similarities that string songs together.”
– Philadelphia Area Music Showcase | 12/13/12

“Southwork mix genres from ska to blues that create a fun album which flows seamlessly from track to track and provides satisfaction to many different musical pallets.” – reviewfix.com | 12/13/12